Frozen Trauma - Feeling Younger - Splitting & Filling Holes - Addictions

May 22, 2018

Will try to explain frozen trauma in the most simplest of terms with the help of the above diagram. Some people talk about how they feel younger or feel like they are stuck at a certain age. Often when trauma is experienced the conscious mind is unable to process the traumatic event and splits off into the unconscious mind. There it can fester like an open wound for decades and cause havoc without one realising (shadow). On top of this we build many defences in order to protect ourselves from the trauma becoming conscious.


From the diagram we can see that time is constant. At any age a trauma can occur and if we cannot fight or flee the traumatic event, we default to freezing (e.g like playing dead in order for an attacker to pass by). When we freeze it may feel like time suddenly slows down or time completely stops. When the traumatic event passes we suddenly feel like we are back to normal and carry on with our daily lives. However, a part of us that freezes becomes fragmented and cut off from ourselves without us knowing straight away. Over time we may start to get angry for no reason, fearful, anxious, depressed. Something isn't right but we are unsure as to why or what it is that we need to do. A void is felt (gap/hole) within us, like we have lost a part of ourselves (soul loss).


On the diagram the V shape represents a gap/hole that often we fill through addictions, substance abuse etc, in order to manage and numb the painful feelings associated with the traumatic event. Really we just long for the return of our fragmented part(s). Notice that traumatic events may not just be a one off event. People may experience multiple traumas and often a similar pattern repeats to try and get the person to become aware of the very first trauma.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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