Death is Not The End - Birth & Death Takes Place Within Awareness

May 17, 2018


A common and understandable assumption is that death is the end. That life is over forever and yet we see that life continues even when death occurs. The lifeless body still remains, like an empty hollow shell. Where does the person actually go? I remember hearing Wayne Dyer speak about weighing a body before and after death in a hospital bed. The weight would still be the same. Like a movie ending on a screen, the screen remains and will forever do so (awareness).


Rather than the end, the opposite of death really is birth, like a transition. It should be celebrated and embraced as the person is moving on to experience life in another manifestation. Why is this a topic that we must somehow not talk about in western society? It will happen eventually, surely we must prepare ourselves sooner than later?


Many people feel extremely uncomfortable and avoid talking about two things, grief and death. Even though we all face death every single moment of our life. If we are truly awareness at a deeper level then death and birth surely take place within our shared awareness (consciousness). That's why when near death experiences happen one feels like they are observing the body and having a choice whether to come back or leave the body. Life is all about coming and going, ending and beginning. What is there to fear, we are infinite beings?

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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