I AM =

April 15, 2018


WHO AM I? A feeling and knowing that every single human being shares. The only thing we share in common is this deep knowing of I AM. Before all this bullshit discussions and arguments that take place in the world. Before Trump and Brexit. Before racism and violence. Before me against you. Before I am a god/king/president/priest/lawyer/singer/doctor/cleaner/teacher/student. Before I am John, Bob, Dave, Schmitt. Who the fuck am I? Is it not obvious? Who are you without all the labels and a name tag? You certainly were just I AM before being given a name and other information.


What does the feeling of I AM feel like? Say I AM to yourself and what happens?


Like an open space is it possible that you are this space? That you encompass the entire world? That without you nothing would be rising - sounds, thoughts, sights, feelings... Always on, nothing needed. Awareness is another word to call it this but really isn't that just another word?


If human beings knew who they really were deep down, what would happen in the world? Would we really be hurting each other, animals and the planet? Would we even need money to function or would we be open to sharing and helping each other? Moving from an ego perspective to a higher perspective. This does not mean we have to end our ego. Simply find balance.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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