End of Men? - Masculine Crisis In Modern Society

January 28, 2018


What is going on with men? It's like there is no longer any need for them in our society except to keep the line going (even that is under threat with sperm counts rapidly falling). Women now have the opportunity to be fully independent and can provide for themselves and others for the first time in our history. On top of this our society is becoming more feminised with masculine traits viewed as "bad" or "negative". Aggression is a perfect example of how a man can protect himself and others if used consciously and in a healthy way. Ultimately this quality is frowned upon in society and thus leads to a repression and ultimate expression when the kettle is full. No wonder we we see everyday how it's men that are committing horrific crimes in the news. Testosterone levels are declining and male suicide rates are increasing. What the fuck is happening?


Many men seem to be stuck in a prolonged state of adolescence, refusing to grow up into full masculine maturity. It seems that society encourages men to remain infantile with the latest gadgets and entertainment. What is the fear in stepping into full adulthood? Then there is the bullshit term that boys do not cry! We have exactly the same capacity to feel emotions as women do but we have had to shut down our feelings since childhood because "boys do not cry". Of course nothing goes away, it just creates a huge weight on our back (shadow). The amount of grief men have stuck inside and wanting expression is debilitating. Trying to repress this energy on a daily basis. The anger and rage needs a healthy outlet but we see limited available sources in modern society.


We see roles reversing in society. It's like the power has shifted and you get a sense that men are switching roles with women. It's interesting to note that if men disown their masculine traits then women will ultimately have to pick up the pieces. Women are amazing but it is not their duty to take on these masculine qualities. Another issue is that when men go to work they leave behind their sons and daughters. It's like growing up never seeing your father work or what he does in the day, apart from a few hours before/after work - maybe? How awful for a young child to never get to see what his/her father does during the day, it's like being nonexistent.


It's time for men to rise up and integrate the traditional way of being with the new sensitive way of being. Merging both is the way to empower men but that involves initiation. Going from boyhood to manhood, maturing psychologically and owning ones masculine traits. Therapy, men's groups, spiritual development... Men have much work to do just to get back to feeling their emotions.


It is a mans birthright to live in the fullness of his masculinity and is needed now more than ever. Sadly society strongly discourages masculine traits, we don't have many role models that represent healthy embodiment of the traditional/sensitive, and there is much confusion around what it means to be a man. Is this the reason why there is so much gender confusion these days? 


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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