Western Society Encourages Us To Escape, Numb, Inflate

October 23, 2017

So many people in western society are unable to simply sit still and do nothing (just a few minutes). Why is this so hard to do? As soon as we "do nothing" we either escape into our heads and start thinking tons of random thoughts, or reach for the smartphone/remote...... We have so many crutches and quick fixes that are instantly available to get rid of feelings that start to rise when we do nothing. We live in a society that simply continues to create faster tools and gadgets to help us escape from feeling. I understand - with all the things going on in the world, why would anyone want to feel anything or not escape?


Even if you feel and feel deeply, it's simply not encouraged in western society to feel. So we then have to go about numbing our feelings or taking the edge off - drink/drugs/...... You know the score... The problem though is when we cut off from the uncomfortable feelings we miss out on the other half - genuine joy, love, happiness. Not that bullshit manufactured stuff you feel that lasts a few hours when you go to a rave and keeps you in bed for a week. However, if you let in those uncomfortable feelings/emotions to ride side by side in balance, those genuine feelings of joy/love will be accessible and greater depth will be added to a rather flat and mundane life.


On top of all of this, society constantly praises and rewards those who keep going upwards. No wonder there is so much fraud and corruption. Whether it's the stock market or our status, there will be a time when we all fall. This falling offers us a chance to do tremendous inner work and let go of accumulated pain - grief and traumas. Again, this inner work is not encouraged so we continue to carry and hold on to things that have happened many years ago and keep passing it down to the next generation. A vicious cycle that can end if more people willingly do personal inner work when the time comes.


This is our shared collective societal struggle that we are suffering from on a daily basis. Money is simply not enough and our growth in technology designed to escape and numb is tragic. We have reached a point where all our options to escape and numb are starting to cause serious damage to our health and well-being. This has been going on for far too long now and the more we talk about how we feel instead of pushing it away, the more solutions we can find to dealing with this mass epidemic of ignorance towards our feelings.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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