Rescuing Your Wounded Inner Child - Becoming Your Own Father and Mother

September 3, 2017


We all have an inner child, that young part of us that is vulnerable and innocent, but how many of us take care of our inner child like it was our own? The young boy/girl who had to hide so many qualities for so many years, to pretend to be someone else in order to gain approval, attention, and love. That young part doesn't just go away when we become older or move to the other side of the world. In fact, the inner child becomes louder, banging on the door to be let in - seen and heard, but how many of us listen? It's so much easier to ignore this young parts pleas and cries, just because we look in the mirror and no longer physically see a child does not mean psychologically we have lost connection with this young part of us.


Whether we had a fantastic or terrible childhood, we are simply unable to constantly receive unconditional love and attention from others 24/7. It's what that young part wants and deserves but if others can't give us this we have to take charge and be the ones who love, nurture, and care for this young part of us. Who else will do that? Keep this young part safe and protected? People move on or leave, and these are very real and constant threats that can happen at any moment. Then who is there to love and look after the young part of us?


Sometimes our inner child is so afraid or does not trust us that it remains hidden for its own protection and safety. In other words, we have to take action and work towards building a safe space for the young part of us to come out of hiding. Learning to express anger healthily and owning ones power is necessary to protect the young vulnerable part of us. There may also be more than just one young part, we may have many young parts of us that each had to be hidden away for different reasons, which require different needs to be met. It's like becoming your own Father and Mother, you won't let anyone hurt or harm this young part of you - offering: protection, safety, discipline, healthy boundaries...


When one starts listening and engaging with this young part of us, one finds golden gifts - freedom, increased creativity, joy and the curiosity to experience new things in life. No wonder so many adults look at children and feel like they have lost something that was once so familiar; a time that was so open and fun. We never lost this young part of us, just kept it safe from a world that struggles to see the qualities and gifts each individual child brings. We can learn to reconnect with this young part of us by actively engaging with this part through dialogues, writing, playing like we once did, drawing. It becomes easier to communicate with this young part once trust and safety are built. 

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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