The Only Way Out Of Pain Is Through

August 15, 2017


If you want a quick fix then I'm sorry to disappoint you but this post will not be of much relevance. You may have tried literally everything to get rid of pain which eventually leads you to the final destination - to turn towards it and face it - whether willingly or unwillingly, it does not matter. Sure, the willingness to face pain allows the healing process to accelerate and the resistances/defences to lessen over time. If we open ourselves up to pain we can start to understand the lessons that can be learnt from pain, the wisdom pain holds, the strength and growth that can be gained, the transformation that can occur.


The other side will always be there, waiting for you, once you sit with painful emotions/feelings. The more one opens themselves up to pain, the more the intensity reduces. It's like peeling layers off an onion and returning home to the wholeness of the core that has always been there. It starts to become okay sitting with uncomfortable emotions/feelings. Before you would have to immediately try to escape from them, but eventually it starts becoming okay. You can stay with uncomfortable emotions/feelings for longer and longer. That is how you know you are making progress.


Before you were taken away by strong emotions/feelings, but now you can remain present and grounded in your body. No need to leave, escape, run, hide. The only way out is through. This does not mean that you will never feel pain again (I'm sure breaking a bone will still be extremely painful), or that you will only feel "positive" emotions/feelings. You will gain greater depth, emotional range, and knowledge. Painful emotions/feelings are now allowed to rise and fall within you. They pass by like a plane in the sky, no longer being caught and tangled in such struggles. More space and awareness opens up, which naturally results in peace from no longer fighting and resisting pain. We all have the same capacity, strength, and courage to face pain and make it through.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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