Rejecting "Negative" Feelings and Emotions - Feeling Split - Creating a War Within

July 4, 2017

Everything has an opposite and we create so much unnecessary pain by banishing anything in us that we or society deems "unacceptable". The problem here is that what has been pushed aside does not simply go away. In fact, it accumulates, grows and grows until it manifests in various ways - traumas, wars, illnesses... In western medicine the cure to treat physical ailments, symptoms or diseases is by operations and taking pills. More often the illness returns or manifests in another physical way when what is underlying the physical layer has not been addressed.


Really, how do we know that emotions and feelings that we find uncomfortable are “bad” or "negative"? These feelings and emotions have not once done anything to us; fear and anger have not rejected us. Our pain has never not wanted us; our tears have never said no to us. We have been the ones rejecting these feelings and emotions, saying no to them, keeping them down and out of sight. We think that these emotions and feelings are the enemy, dangerous if expressed, so we try to push them aside.


Sooner or later we are going to feel split or fragmented, like we are missing a part of ourselves, and we don't know where to go or what to do to heal. This is the period when one has a choice, they can continue to live like this or they can choose to turn inwards and own their rejected emotions and feelings. To start expressing them consciously, which does no harm to the self or others. The outcome would be a more whole and integrated life, no longer feeling like your own worst enemy, and finally feeling at peace with yourself. What a waste of energy it is to fight with yourself on a daily basis to keep certain emotions/feelings hidden and unexpressed. What a misunderstanding that these parts have no benefit to us, that they are wrong and need to be removed. How liberating to know that our emotions/feelings are not here to hurt us or others, they are innocent and bring us freedom, peace, joy into our lives when we express them. Yet, many of us would rather blame another for the violence we see in the world when really we are innocently creating the violence from within by rejecting certain emotions/feelings.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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