It was with this provocative question that Santa Monica-based writer Laurel Airica initiated a series of interviews with me that ultimately became our
4-CD audio book, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split.

Laurel had just read an article by a well-known spiritual guru that advised against pursuing romantic attachments before one had experienced a spiritual awakening. Knowing how radically different my approach to this subject would be – and the extreme relief this could offer to many frustrated seekers – Laurel suggested we conduct a series of interviews on this and other related subjects.

Now, in this 4 –CD set, you will hear my full response to all of Laurel’s questions concerning sex, love, partnerships, gurus – and the likelihood that ordinary people can awaken in this lifetime without extraordinary effort. You’ll also hear the pleasure we took in recording these interviews for you – along with our off-the-cuff, up-to-date remarks on all these subjects.
For those of you still wondering if ‘it’s safe to have sex before awakening’ – I think you’ll find that Healing the Spirit/Matter Split puts that 5,000 year old dilemma into a whole new light that may help illuminate the path to your own awakening.
By the way – within 18 months of beginning to work with me, my wife Linda, and the teachers I’ve trained, Laurel experienced her own direct spiritual awakening and a deeper whole-being healing. As we speak, you'll hear her authentic confidence in awakened Being -- along with my own. May the experience be heartening as well as enlightening.

From: Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder

Dear Friend,

The word “awaken” may have no meaning to you. That’s OK. And you may fear or even be certain that there’s no such thing as “destiny.” That’s all right too. But check out these questions:

Do you feel something’s missing or wrong in your life?

Do you hunger for something that you can’t put your finger on?

Do you feel some kind of fundamental dissatisfaction that ordinary and even amazing fulfillments somehow don’t touch?

If your answer to any of those questions is “Yes” or even “Maybe,” please give yourself a chance to find out if this audiobook can speak directly to you and your concerns.

Linda and I, and our colleagues, have been refining our approach to helping people like you get whole-being satisfaction of these raw, hardly-ever-addressed needs for more than a dozen years. We have been blessed with great success: at this point, hundreds of everyday people now enjoy a remarkable, permanent awakened state.

To us, this means that a person has a stable sense of that which is eternal and unchanging (sometimes called "the Infinite" or "the Absolute") and knows themselves as That, while at the same time experiencing themselves as a deeply embodied human being. We are blessed and proud to say that in our work most participants enter this permanent awakening in a matter of a few years, and often much sooner.

You'll recognize this is a bold assertion if you are familiar with the many traditions in which enlightenment or awakening is rare and comes, if at all in any lifetime, after decades of struggle. Of course, many of us already have decades of struggle behind us! But many don't, too, and the point is that it's the exception here, rather than the rule, for this great awakening to take longer than a few years to appear.

We can back up our claim with the stories of dozens of people who have awakened in our lineage within the past decade. We believe that this lineage represents a profound evolutionary development in the nature of enlightenment and how it is attained.

This special audiobook offers simple explanations for what that state feels like; more than that, it imparts a feeling to you in all kinds of simple and deep ways that will eventually flower into that awareness.

So we’ve had great results, but we’ve also been under the radar. Hardly anyone knows about us and our work, which we call “Waking Down in Mutuality.”  Now it’s time for that to change. Sometime at the end of 2005 a question emerged in our passion for this work ... "How can we create a communication that touches people deeply, allows them to move toward their own awakened presence in life naturally, and does that at a sufficiently low price that anyone and everyone drawn to partake, can do it?"

That conversation evolved into producing this audiobook. We decided to make it an audiobook, rather than reprinting it, to give you access to a much more whole-body experience of the teacher and the interviewer. As testimonials suggest, for many people this audiobook’s power to “fan the flame of the pilot light of Being in your own heart” is much stronger than the written word alone.
  • Audio Book on 4 CDs - You can take them with you anywhere and listen. You will hear more subtlety each time through. Many people report they hear things they swear weren’t there the first time!

  • Hearing the Voice Transmission - There is a deep vibratory communication and transmission from listening to both an “embodied awakened” teacher, and a student who has also had her own embodied awakening since asking the original questions. If you're not sure what that means, give the CDs a trial listen (see our guarantee below). You may start feeling shifts beginning to accelerate in your own heart and life as you listen and afterward. That's what we're hoping for.

  • New Material - Spontaneous discussion, elaboration, and humor erupt and are caught in the moment as the discussion between Laurel and me unfolds between “takes” of our reading. This is unlike any other audiobook we’ve ever heard of; how much more to your advantage that it’s coming from an awakened spiritual teacher and student.

  • Share with Others - You can play these discussions and allow others to share in them. They may be deeply affected, too, even if they aren't the type to purchase something like this themselves.

  • Healing - You receive a simple yet profound message that your Spirit/Matter split can be healed, and you can become a "divinely human" being.

  • Peace and Acceptance - You get a powerfully liberating and relieving "green light" to all that you are, the good and bad, dark and light; one good listen and you will never again be so inclined to judge and beat yourself up again the way you may have till now.

  • Mutuality - Grants deep permission for YOU to hold the reins of your own spiritual unfolding and yet, to find your own way into truly transforming community with others.

  • Empowerment - I’ve had the pleasure to “midwife” many other teachers and bodily-awakening people who’ve duplicated in themselves the transforming presence they first came to me for—what about you?

  • Recognition - Readers and listeners report a deep sense of being seen and understood, exactly as they are and in the unique process of their own spiritual growth.
The underlying message of all of the benefits of this audio book is that you can become awakened into your deepest expression of your destiny and that addressing the spirit/matter split is a deeply held key to unlocking the awakening process.

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Linda and I, and also our audiobook collaborator Laurel Airica, want you to know that a sustainable, heart-conscious, grounded oneness with the Spirit of all life is available for you in this lifetime, without you having to “renounce the world” and master heavy, harsh disciplines you have to impose on yourself from without.

You will receive a beautifully packaged 4 CD set or, if you choose, MP3 audio downloads.

We want you to be completely satisfied, so we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Please allow us to make sure you are satisfied. If you listen to the audiobook and find that it does not speak to you and has no apparent value for you, we will address your concerns. At any time you can ask for a complete refund and we will do so courteously and with no questions asked. But if you want to explore why you feel dissatisfied and see if we, or others in our community, can possibly help you get what you were hoping for, then call or write us and let’s see what we can do. You know what is best for you and we trust that.

A lot of people "marketing" things try to propose a guaranteed financial refund means nothing is at risk for the buyer. We know better. We are well aware that we can't return the time and energy you may put into listening to this material. And we certainly can't heal your disappointment if this opportunity doesn't satisfy your deeper hopes and the longings of your soul. But it has already done so for so many people that we're willing to take that chance if you are.

Linda and I, along with our dear former student and collaborating friend Laurel, get to fulfill our own destinies all the more by helping you enter this mysterious Heart-awakening, find your destiny-purpose, and heal the Spirit/Matter split in your own life. It's a deep privilege to bring this audiobook to your attention, and, through it, this opportunity for direct awakening and mutual growth and evolution. As I say in the Afterword, it's time to finish the seeking, get on with the "found" awakened life, and make our greatest possible contributions to this suffering and confused world.

To me, you are a divinely human being already emerging more and more fully into your conscious presence, power, and potential contribution. I am honored to bring this audiobook and its accompanying possibilities to your attention. Blessings on your journey always!

Saniel Bonder

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